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I installed the Free edition of AVG and could not get it removed no matter what, Tech support was non-existent. I have used AVG free for many years, and had no issues.

All they kept saying was to use the AVG Remove tool, which DID NOT WORK. I finally decided to pay for it, and am I sorry that I did.

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How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?I tried rebooting using the Last Known Good Configuration, but the computer wouldn't start.Fortunately I was just in the process of rebuilding the hard drive (reinstalling the OS) so I didn't lose anything.Now it will not allow me to access my Home Network, and keeps changing my settings to "Public Network", and will not allow me to access the internet.This happens every time my computer is turned off and back on, or if it comes out of hibernation. A few weeks ago I talked to one of their service reps, and she remotely uninstalled and then reinstalled the Firewall Component, stating that the firewall was out of date.

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