Auto updating moscow metro map

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I will miss it's simplicity, clarity, and focused purpose. Instead of waiting for Moscow's government to update their worst ever map of the subway, we decided to create our own, unsanctioned map of the city's metro system. [Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles - Maatschappij voor het Intercommunaal Vervoer te Brussel; thanks to Pierre Berquin) Budapest (official BKV system page; map loads on first trial, but cache gets a blank page that must be cleared before reload is possible (English version evident also); a special Metro 4 page is available (thanks to Václav Šípec)) Buenos Aires map selections (official Metrovías S.On the rest of the Green Line stations, delete I-105 in the station names.") Los Angeles urban rail (Loren Petrich; errata/updates noted by Robert Saunders: "On the LA-Pasadena Light Rail now under construction, change Mission St.They announced a competition to create an alternative version—and we must admit that the new map is going to be much better than the one we have right now.We decided not to participate in this competition for three reasons: we don't like working with officials and bureaucrats; we didn't want to work with government of Moscow because they have yet to pay us for another mapping project, and it seemed that the whole commission was more of a PR exercise than a real attempt to improve the Mission; on the Red Line, change Alvarado to Westlake/Mac Arthur Park; on the Blue Line, change 103rd St./Watts to 103rd St./Kenneth Hahn; on the Green Line (eastern end), change Studebaker to I-605/I-105/Norwalk.The following stations should be added in the San Fernando Valley for Metrolink: Sylmar/San Fernando on the Antelope valley Line and Van Nuys, Northridge, Chatsworth on the Ventura County Line.

The new line is expected to lessen the load on the Circle line and central stations, make trips across the city easier and faster, provide convenient interchanges with intercity railway routes and connect the capital’s main parks.The Koltsevaya Line (route 5) forms a 20-kilometre (12 mi) long ring which enables passenger travel between these spokes, and the Moscow Railway-operated Moscow Central Circle (route 14) forms a 54-kilometre (34 mi) long ring that serves a similar purpose.Most stations and lines are underground, but some lines have at-grade and elevated sections; the Filyovskaya Line, Butovskaya Line and the Central Circle Line are the three lines that are at grade or mostly at grade. Sapozhnikov for citation information; see also Chelyabinsk Metropolitan; thanks to Robert Schwandl) Cleveland (official RTA Greater Cleveland Rerional Transit Authority; thanks to Mike Cermak for update 02/06; maps and schedules are available for all lines [earlier: thanks to Frank Gerlak; thanks to Paul Samuels for map update information; thanks to Sean Mate for further update information]) Copenhagen (official Metro page; also available in English; thanks to Rasmus S. A., home page with access via Información del Servicio to an interactive map and a map of Premetro; thanks to Gabriel Tuesta Antezana; thanks to Ulrike Reichelt-Trinanes for clarifying information) Chelyabinsk pending operation as of 3.15 (from encyclopedia "Chelyabinsk" (2001); thanks to Alexander I.

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