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It seems to only be getting the 1.5.2 server version instead of the 1.6.2 server version.

Any ideas as to how I can grab the latest stable version through a similar url?

Many applications nowadays automatically update themselves to the latest version when you launch them.

Sometimes they ask (like Minecraft) and sometimes they don't (like Google Chrome). NET, you have the ability to dynamically load assemblies.

Mojang is shifting their infrastructure to allow multiple versions to be easily accessible in the new launcher, so it looks like their URL scheme is changing to support that while leaving the pre-1.6 URLs intact.

You might have to parse an update-tracking URL now to find the latest stable release URL.

After downloading the newer assembly, the older assembly is replaced and the launcher app loads the assembly present in the current directory (which is now the new one). Because in order to check the version number, the assembly must be loaded.

(All just educated guessing until I can get back to my install and look at what the new launcher is doing to pull client updates and see if that translates to server jar URLs.) I recently decompiled the launcher for this very reason, to manage automatic updates for my server wrapper with their new naming convention.

I found the file they use to work out what the current version is and the URL to it: file includes the following (as of this answer): #!

In addition, if you are using an "Intel HD Graphics" or "Intel HD Graphics 3000" chipset, see the instructions at the top of this page. Most Linux distributions provide a way to install drivers with its package manager.

It is highly recommended you use the distro's packages for drivers; not doing so can cause problems later! Most Apple computers come with built-in drivers and a graphics card that cannot be changed.

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