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In Australia, online content is regulated with reference to the You should not search for illegal material online, even if such a search is conducted in good faith.If you encounter prohibited offensive or illegal online content inadvertently, or suspect that content may be prohibited or illegal, make a report to the e Safety Hotline via the Office’s online content complaints web form.

Videofrog – Net Meeting video chat room and ILS directory listings.In order to keep the internet safe for all users, you should report prohibited online content. Prohibited offensive online content is content that would be classified X18 or RC (refused classification) by the Classification Board.Material classified R18 is prohibited if it is not subject to a Restricted Access System, while content classified MA15 may be prohibited in certain circumstances.Chatix – Free chat rooms for adult, singles, college and 18-30 chat.Webcam Index – A gigantic index of live webcams all over the world.

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