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We make every effort to make sure that the guest list combines a mix of JJunction members and non-members. When you arrive, you will be given a nametag and dating card.

You will then have a few minutes to get a drink and settle in.

The key is the first questions, which needs to be the toughest one, the one that everybody wants to know the answer for and the one that people gossip about. As the audience gasps and holds their breath at the audacity of me to ask the question everybody wants asked but nobody dares to.

Then, I keep on digging deeper with follow up questions that doesn’t let the boss off the hook but forces him/her to explain their actions and address the consequences. Personality Tests Personality tests like MBTI or Belbin are great, non intrusive ice breakers, in which team members get an insight in the personality type and preferred styles of their colleagues.

We work to an age range formula that works for our guests. If I am a JJunction member will I just meet the same people I meet through my matchmaker?

No, if you are a JJunction member already there is a very good chance you wouldn’t have already met the other guests via our online database.

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Cause for cool thing from us, life in christ jesus also told us know what.Within the next 24 hours of the completion of the speed dating event, Elite Speed Dating will send over your Matches, Dating Feedback and Request Rating in order for you to plan your next date.Your participation includes:• 6-10 dates• Free Vodka drinks for ladies• Drink specials• Email from Elite Speed Dating - Montreal containing your Matches, Dating Feedback and Request Rating from the event.In the mask drawing they can include their characteristics, dreams, interests, weaknesses, strengths, basically anything that explains the individual to his/her team members in a non threatening manner.After having drawn the mask, the person is asked to share his mask in the larger group in which members can ask questions to clarify or further explain certain characteristics. Life Line This team building activity is similar to the mask exercises since it requires people to share their ‘life-line’ and specifically the events in the past that have shaped them today.

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